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Good Mexican Girl / Healing Queen

Chacla Oil Blends

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The Mayans called the body’s energy centers chaclas. I made these blends to bring you into greater alignment.

We created seven blends all made with therapeutic grade essential oils. You can order a set that includes 1/5 gram of each one, or order single blends, or travel size body sprays.

Uxmal – Root 1st Chakra;

Labna – Sacral 2nd Chakra;

Kabal – Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra**

Itza – Heart 4th Chakra;

Tulum – Throat 5th Chakra;

Kohunlich – 3rd Eye 6th Chakra**;

Palenque – Crown 7th Chakra

** Allergen contains Almond Oil


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