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Moonstruck: How and Why I make oil blends

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In addition to baking desserts, I also work with essential oils from Young Living. As as cranial sacral / polarity practitioner, I use essential oils in the sessions, particulary for Raindrop Therapy.

This new moon inspired some wonderful blends such as Bring in the Om, Igniting Romance, Stress Headache Relief, and Moldavite Oil.

I work with the cycles of the moon to create many of the Healing Queen proprietary blends. I also take on the cues of the new moon to push creativity and connect to what clients are requesting when they stop by our tables at pop-ups. During the full moon, I activate many of our blends along with crystals to raise their vibration. May these essential oil blends serve you well and bring you greater clarity, ease, and elevate your vibration. 

Here is a list of our newest blends. We did add them to our catalogue. 

Bring in the Om is great for meditation or to diffuse in your yoga studio for restorative sessions. It has woody notes with palo santo, cedarwood, sandalwood, plus seven other oils. 

Igniting Romance is a lovely blend of 13 oils many of them aphrodisiatic oils like Rose and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. 

Stress Headache Relief was created for my mom. She suffers from stress headaches that she feels on her frontal lobe. 

Moldavite Oil. Yes you read this correctly. I use moldavite gemstones to infuse the oil and amplify the stones qualities. This is an oil to use in diffuser to bring into greater alignment of your chakras. 

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