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Gluten-Free...or still get to eat your favorites

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Several years ago, I learned about a gluten-free diet first from my friend Maya. She had to change her diet after under going a series of tests. After I underwent a food cleanse where I could not eat any foods prepared with enriched flour or wheat bread, I became more conscious of what is gluten-free. My awareness of the need for gluten-free products became more pronounced with my business. Clients would ask if I had gluten-free options. In November, with the pan de muerto (Day of Dead Bread), I baked our first gluten-free product. We continued to produce gluten-free treats with the traditional Mexican sweet bread La Rosca de Reyes and with Mexican Wedding Cookies.

It’s been a joy to meet virtually and in person other Latinas who haven’t been able to eat their favorite sweet breads and now can happily enjoy them again in gluten-free form. We can make any baked good with gluten-free flour. We make our flour blend that includes Rice Flour or Brown Rice Flour, (whichever one is available), Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, and Xanthum Gum. Sometimes we like to add Almond Flour as well. If you are allergic to nuts, let us know so we don’t add it to the mix.

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  • Martha Sandoval on

    I have a daugther who is celiac and she loves conchas,pan de muertothe rosca de reyes she is always craveing for mexican sweet bread I will apreciated if you live me the name of the bakery and how to order the bread thank you very mutch sincerately Martha Sandoval

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